Hi, I am Indy and I am the founder of GSB Playing Cards. Last summer I suddenly wondered why we are still using traditional playing cards, while the world around us is changing and many things are reconsidered from a different perspective. So I started to design a set of gender and race-neutral playing cards. I decided to use Gold, Silver and Bronze instead of the King, Queen and Jack. A neutral alternative and a ranking which is accepted around the world. So everyone can feel comfortable while playing cards.

My goal is to let the whole world know that there is a alternative neutral playing card for those who, like me, think that we should strive for more equality in this world. And I am asking you to help me to achieve this goal. Play for equality. Game on!

These GSB Playing Cards were designed with the passion to fight for equality by removing the focus on the sex and race-inequality debate from a place where it does not belong.