GSB Signature Playing Cards (poker)


Gender-neutral and race-neutral playing cards. Signature series. Blue back. Poker size.

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GSB signifies Gold, Silver and Bronze. The idea is to remove gender hierarchy and race differences from our card decks by replacing the King, Queen and Jack by Gold, Silver and Bronze, the medals and ranking order known from the Olympics. Now you can choose to play with a gender-neutral deck of playing cards. These cards also eliminate skin color by replacing human figures with medals known from sports, providing not only a gender-neutral but also a race-neutral card deck.

Standard 52 card deck: Ace, 2-10, Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Additional two jokers and one card explaining the GSB playing cards concept.

In eco-friendly carton tuck box.

Poker size: 63 x 88 mm, 2.5 x 3.5 inches

Back color: Blue


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